About Us

About Us

AsetFit provides meal plans, meal prep, weight loss, nutrition, fitness information and workout plans. The information is science based and proven with results.

We can help design personalized meal plans or fitness plans to suit your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, just eat healthier, or get toner and stronger contact AsetFit.


Our Team

Craig has worked for a major weight loss company and studied fitness, nutrition and weight loss for many years. Craig also holds several nutrition and sports nutrition certificates and qualifications from both Australia and leading industries in America. Craig enjoys weight training, martial arts and running when he can. His weaknesses are eating pizza (with pineapple.) and chocolate. But makes up with his knowledge with meal prep and planning. Craig also likes working out macro nutrients and planning workout routines for weight training.

Sandra enjoys Pilates, yoga, running and healthy eating. Coffee is her weakness and she can be found in the gym.


We hope we can help you in your fitness or weight loss journey.