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We have coupon codes and promotions for popular brands like: Youfoodz, Chefgood, The Man Shake, The Lady Shake, EHP Labs, Verve Fitness, Optislim, Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Weight Watchers (WW), Garden of Vegan and Mr Vitamins.


Youfoodz Coupon Codes & Deals

25% off when you spend $89! Terms & Conditions Apply: Coupon Code YF-EOFY25


So what is all the fuss about Youfoodz? Youfoodz has ready-made meals that are fresh and delivered to your door. Youfoodz gives you the option to choose from a wide range of meals and healthy options. With so much choice available now, there has never been a better time to get freshly made and tasty meals delivered, while saving time in the kitchen. Find the Youfoodz coupon codes here.


The Man Shake Coupon Codes

*Australia Wide Shipping (FREE shipping on orders over $70)


The Man Shake is a popular meal replacement shake system that is designed to help you lose weight. Just replace two meals a day with the shakes to help lose the kilos. The Man Shake comes in five different flavours, including chocolate, strawberry, banana, choc mint, coffee, vanilla and caramel. Each serving also contains around 30 grams of protein. The Man Shake is a great choice for men who need to lose weight quickly, but are looking for an effective way to do it. The Man Shake coupon codes have some great deals and savings.


The Lady Shake Coupon Codes & Deals

*Buy 3 bags of Lady Shake and get 1 bag FREE (Save 25%)


The Lady Shake is a weight loss shake that is easy to use and works. You simply replace one or two meals a day with the Lady Shake meal replacement. The Lady Shake is high in protein and fibre and low is sugars. Check out the promo codes and discount codes here.


EHPLabs Coupon Codes

Free Shipping* Code: CFSHIP


EHPLabs is a large supplement and sports brand, famous for its best-selling OxyShred product. Some supplements and products EHPLabs Australia sell are: weight loss, protein powders, creatine, pre-workout energy, muscle gain, glutamine, amino acids, fat burners and the Blessed plant protein brand. EHPLabs can help people reach their health & fitness goals.


Optislim Coupon Codes


A free item added at checkout when purchasing. Coupon Code: WELCOMEGIFT


Optislim Buy 3 Get 1 free

For over 25 years, Optislim has been providing weight loss, health and nutrition products to the Australian market. Optislim has a wide range of meal replacement shakes, 100 Calorie sweet snacks, low calorie cookies and soups and the makers of OptiMan. Optislim promos and discount coupon codes are available.


Verve Fitness



WW – Weight Watchers Coupon Codes & Promos

*EOFY Sale : 50% Off 3&6 months (1/3/6 months)


Weight Watchers is now called WW and is a program which helps people lose weight. The Weight Watchers program is based on a point system in relation to the foods. A person who is on a diet must keep track of the number of points in each food item they eat. If they consume too many points, they will gain weight; if they consume too few, they will lose weight. Weight Watchers does not focus solely on food intake alone. It also focuses on three other areas: exercise, behaviour modification and support groups. Each of these areas are important for weight loss and maintenance. Weight Watchers is a great choice for men and women who need to lose weight, but are looking for a healthy and effective way to do it.


Chefgood Coupon Codes & Deals

*$30 off 1st box, $20 off 2nd box For New Customer


You know that moment when you finish a delicious meal, and the only thing you can think about is having it again? Well that is what Chefgood is all about. Chefgood offers healthy meals freshly made with quality ready-made food delivered to your door. They have meal plans for: weight loss, high protein, low carb, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals. A healthy food delivery service that brings you chef-made meals every week in a convenient way. Chefgood have diet plans to help you achieve your health goals. Check out the Chefgood coupons and promos and eat well without sacrificing your time.


Mr Vitamins Coupon Codes & Promos

*Super Tuesday Sale. One day only. Best offers across all products. Up to 50% off our top brands.


Mr Vitamins provides you with products from one the largest range of vitamins and natural health products within Australia. Mr Vitamins sells a variety of supplements, weight loss pills, Keto products, pre-workout, probiotics, workout-recovery, creatine, and protein powders like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey. Some other brands they sell are: Amazonia Raw protein powder, Prana, White Wolf Nutrition, Switch Nutrition, Magic Supps, Proclinical Laboratories, Max’s and more. The website also has recipes, exercise, health, fitness and weight loss information. Help build muscle and improve your overall health and fitness with Mr Vitamins.


Cookie Diet

Free shipping all products (can be used on 1-week pack). Coupon Code: FREESHIPPING




Garden Of Vegan


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How to use promos and coupon codes?

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For the promotion, the banner add might take you directly to the sales page were the discount is already applied. Or you enter the promo code in at the checkout stage to save money.

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How to find coupon codes?

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