Crispbread Recipe Ideas (Under 100 and 200 Calories)

  • By: Ann Williams
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In this recipe we will cover four crispbread recipes to work in with your weight loss plan, healthy eating, 1200 calorie plan, or weight gain plan.

Crispbread recipes under 200 calories

Three recipes will include deli turkey slices and one recipe with just cottage cheese on it.

We will also look at some yummy ingredients and toppings to suit your taste buds and cover some FAQ about crispbreads.


Crispbreads recipes with turkey slices and or cottage cheese

Crispbreads are low in calories, easy to prepare with toppings for a snack or healthy meal.

They are versatile and are a great base for working in with your meal planning for macros.

Here are the 4 main recipes with the calories listed:

  1. Crispbreads, turkey slices and tomato. 109 Calories (Kilojoules 456.32)
  2. Turkey slices on 2 crispbreads. 104 Calories (Kilojoules 435.4)
  3. Crispbreads, cottage cheese, turkey slices and tomato. 143 Calories (Kilojoules 601.12)
  4. Crispbreads and cottage cheese. Calories 76 (Kilojoules 320.8)


Note: The exact calories will depend on what variety and brand and of crispbreads and toppings, condiments you use, etc. (e.g. Low fat cottage cheese.)

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find the exact brand or variety, but use a similar macronutrient profile or calorie count.

For those that are counting calories or need to work it in their 1200 calorie plan, don’t be too concerned about weighing the calories to the exact ½ ounce or gram.

With high water content vegetables like celery, spinach or salad leaves, you don’t have to be too finicky about measuring and weighing. As most of these type of veggies have very little calories.

Crispbread, turkey slices and tomatoes recipe. 109 Calories (Kilojoules 456.32)

Crispbreads with turkey slices and tomato
1. Rye Crispbreads x 22. Deli turkey slices 50 grams (1.76 ounces)

2. Tomatoes 30 grams (1.05 ounces) about 4 slices 

Optional: cracked pepper, chili flakes, chopped chives, coriander, mixed herbs and spices.

Additional suggestions, add lettuce, spinach leaves or mixed salad, cucumber or onion.

Note: these extra condiments, spices and garnishes can be added to all the recipes listed below.


2. Turkey slices and crispbreads recipe. 104 Calories (Kilojoules 435.4)

Crispbreads with deli turkey slices

1. Rye Crispbreads x 2

2. Deli turkey slices 50 grams (1.76 ounces)

Pictured above with chopped chives.

At just 104 calories per two serves, this is a great low calorie snack or part meal.


3. Crispbreads, turkey slices, cottage cheese and tomatoes recipe. 143 Calories (Kilojoules 601.12)

Crispbreads, cottage cheese, turkey slices and tomato recipe

    1. Rye Crispbreads x 2
    2. Deli turkey slices 50 grams (1.76 ounces)
    3. Cottage Cheese Bulla High Protein 97% fat free 40 grams (1.41 ounces) 2 tablespoons
    4. Tomatoes 30 grams (1.05 ounces) about 4 slices


4. Crispbreads with cottage cheese. Calories 76 (Kilojoules 320.8)

Crispbreads with cottage cheese

1.Rye Crispbreads x 2

2. Cottage Cheese Bulla High Protein 97% fat free 40 grams (1.41 ounces) 2 tablespoons

Note: Chili flakes, sliced pear, celery or banana goes well with the cottage cheese.


How many calories are there in a crispbread?

Depending on the brand, some crispbreads will have around 50 calories (209.2 Kilojoules) for two biscuits. So about 25 calories (209.2 Kilojoules) for one crispbread.

Rye crispbreads may contain less calories and can have around per serving (2 x biscuits) around 42 calories. (176 kJ)

Note; the calories will depend on the variety (e.g. low fat, no sugar) and brand and for the exact calories.

As an example a rye Wasa crispbread will have a different calorie and macronutrient profile than Ryvita crispbreads, Kavli crispbreads, Arnotts, Primizie crispbread or FinnCrisp crispbreads.


How healthy are crispbreads?

If you chose the low salt varieties, minimal added sugar crispbreads and choose the multi grains and rye grain varieties, they are healthy.


Are crispbreads good for weight loss?

Combine with vegetables, fruits and low fat dairy and lean meats, crispbreads can be part of a weight loss meal plan or healthy diet.

It is the spread and toppings that add the calories or excess fats to the crispbread recipes.


What is the healthiest toppings for the crispbreads?

Here is a list of toppings, condiments and ideas that are healthy. Some of these toppings are also low in calories that you can add to the crispbread recipes are:

Pear slices
Salad and spinach leaves
Apple slices
Baked pumpkin squash slices
Sliced bell peppers (Capsicum)
Roasted eggplant
Carrot sticks


Prepare in advance for meal prepping

Crispbreads can be part of a weekly meal plan and are easy to meal prep with as well.

Organize a few snacks or side dishes at the same time, so you have some already prepared.

Tip – when buying the deli meat slices, get the amount that will suit three or four serves. Example, 200 grams sliced deli turkey meat will suit four snacks or meals. (If you use 50 grams per snack.)

For more ideas and information on meal preparation, visit on How To Meal Prep For Beginners Guide.


Ways to make the crispbread snack healthier

Limit and measure high calorie spreads and limit toppings like, butter, jelly (jam).

Don’t use options like tuna in oil on the crispbreads, instead use tuna in Springwater, etc.

Leave out the salt on toppings like tomatoes.

Use a low fat or low fat spread.

Load up on the vegetables like salad, cucumber, celery, etc.

Crispbreads with healthy toppings are a good way to in with the 5:2 diet. Or to break the end of a fast when fasting. For more information, click on – What Is Fasting For Weight Loss?

Ways to add more protein or calories to the crispbreads

For the physique competitors, growing teens, athletes and bodybuilders who need more protein or calories, here are some toppings or ingredients to add to the crispbreads:

Peanut butter
Smoked Salmon slices
Jelly (jam)
Cottage cheese
Feta cheese
Greek yoghurt
Hummus, salsa and dips
Sun dried tomatoes
Add more turkey meat slices
Chicken meat slices
Butter or margarine
Ham slices
Scrambled eggs
Boiled eggs
Chopped walnuts


What meat goes with crispbreads?

Cold sliced chicken meat and as per the above recipes, deli turkey slices.

Smoked salmon slices, salmon chunks in Springwater and tuna are a healthy option as well.

Shrimp and crabmeat can also be used in crispbread recipes.


Conclusion – Crispbreads recipes.

Crispbreads are a great base for a variety of toppings, fruits, vegetables and meats.

You can easily prepare crispbread recipes that are healthy.

Crispbread recipes can be low in calories, or high in calories depending on your toppings you add to it and your weight loss or weight gain goals.

Mix and match the ingredients to work in with your macros and tastebuds.

For meal prep, you can prepare simple toppings in advance.

Crispbreads are easy to prepare for a yummy snack or a non-cooked meal.


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