37 Exercise Bike Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts

  • By: Tony Miller
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Exercise Bike Tips

In this article, we’ll share valuable exercise bike tips to help you make the most of your workouts and achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, using an exercise bike offers a convenient and low-impact way to improve cardiovascular health, burn more calories, and strengthen your legs.


Stationary Bike Tips

These exercise bike tips address various aspects of your routine, from comfort to motivation, helping you make the most of your indoor cycling sessions.

Stationary Bike Tips


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  1. Correct Exercise Bike Setup

Before you start pedaling, ensure your exercise bike is set up correctly.

Proper seat setup is essential for comfort and efficiency. Set the seat height so your legs are slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal stroke. 

Adjust the handlebar height so it is comfortable and you are in an upright posture position while gripping the handlebars.

Proper bike setup minimizes strain on your joints and promotes efficient pedaling.


  1. Warm-Up Routine

Prior to starting your main workout, spend a few minutes doing some light pedaling to warm up your muscles and prepare your body for more intense exercise.


  1. Keep Hydrated

Staying hydrated is fundamental during exercise.

Keep a water bottle within arm’s reach to ensure you can sip water conveniently, helping you maintain your energy levels throughout the workout.

Dehydration can lead to reduced performance and discomfort.

If you are watching your calories, you may not need the pre workout drinks. Unless you are doing very long intense workout.


  1. Make it Entertaining

To prevent boredom, engage your mind while pedaling. This can make your time on the bike more enjoyable and seem to pass more quickly.

Watch your favorite shows on TV, enjoy a Netflix series, or listen to your favorite music or podcasts.


  1. Set a Time or Distance Goal

Excercise bike workouts

Setting clear goals gives purpose to your workout.

Whether aiming for a specific time on the stationary bike, or distance peddled, goals provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment, driving you to push yourself further during each session.

We don’t recommend you use the calories burnt function screen, as these can be very inaccurate and misleading.

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  1. Use High Intensity Like Fartlek or Tabata Interval Training

Fartlek, Tabata and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training methods involve alternating between high-intensity bursts and recovery periods.

As an example you might do ten seconds at a hard fast pace, then a twenty seconds easier slow pace. Or it could even be twenty seconds of hard riding, then ten seconds of a slower pace.

Set the intervals rest / work periods to your fitness levels.

Incorporating these techniques on the exercise bike can boost calorie burn, increase cardiovascular fitness, and challenge your body in new ways.


  1. Wear Padded Bike Shorts or Replace Seat

Longer rides can lead to discomfort. Consider wearing padded bike shorts to reduce friction and provide cushioning.

If the seat remains uncomfortable, explore replacing it with a more ergonomic option to enhance your overall experience.


  1. Wear Good Runners

Footwear plays a role in your pedaling efficiency and overall comfort.

Choose for well-fitting running shoes with proper arch support to ensure stability and minimize the risk of discomfort or injury during your workouts.


  1. Monitor Your Resistance

Most exercise bikes come with adjustable resistance levels. Vary the resistance during your session to simulate different terrains and intensities.

Start with an easy setting.

Higher resistance can build strength, while lower resistance facilitates faster pedaling and a cardio-focused endurance workout.

Experiment with different settings to challenge yourself and avoid plateaus.


  1. Mix Up Your Workouts

Don’t stick to a single routine. Incorporate different training regimes through the week.

Depending on your schedule, you might have one or two workouts a week that are harder in intensity and shorter in duration. And one or two workouts that are more of a slower pace and longer. This also helps recovery and boredom.

Additionally, try different workout programs on your exercise bike to keep things interesting.


  1. Maintain Proper Form

Maintaining proper form ensures effective and safe workouts. Keep your core engaged and your back straight.

Avoid slouching or putting excessive weight on your wrists.

Pedal with a smooth, controlled motion rather than using jerky movements.

Focusing on form maximizes the benefits of your exercise bike sessions.


  1. Be Consistent In Your Work Outs

Consistency in your workouts help you develop good habits and improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness over time.

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  1. Variety in Hand Positions

Experiment with different hand positions on the handlebars to engage various upper body muscles and alleviate potential discomfort.


  1. Focus on Breathing

Pay attention to your breathing.

Practice rhythmic breathing, syncing your breath with your pedal strokes, to improve focus and control during intense intervals.

Controlled breathing improves oxygen flow and endurance.


  1. Monitor Heart Rate

Use a heart rate monitor or fitness watch to stay within your target heart rate zone.

Familiarize yourself with heart rate zone charts to gauge the intensity level of your workout based on your age and fitness goals.

This helps ensure you’re working at an intensity level that aligns with your fitness goals.


  1. Progressive Resistance Increase

Gradually increase the resistance of the workout over time to continuously challenge your muscles and avoid hitting a plateau in your progress.


  1. Cross-Training

Combine your exercise bike routine with other forms of exercise like strength training, yoga, or walking to create a well-rounded fitness regimen.


  1. Rest Days

Allow your body adequate rest between intense workouts to avoid overtraining and reduce the risk of injuries.


  1. Proper Nutrition

Fuel your body with balanced meals and snacks, providing the energy needed for effective workouts and optimal recovery.

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  1. Regular Bike Maintenance

Keep your stationary bike clean and well-maintained to ensure smooth operation and prevent any mechanical issues.


  1. Progress Tracking

Keep a workout journal or use a fitness app to track your progress, noting improvements in endurance, speed, or resistance levels.


  1. Mindful Pedaling

Focus on the entire pedal stroke, not just pushing down. Pulling the pedals up engages different muscles and enhances overall efficiency.


  1. Gradual Progression

Increase workout duration, intensity, or frequency gradually over weeks to prevent overexertion and reduce the risk of injury.


  1. Virtual Cycling Apps

Explore virtual cycling apps that offer real-time interactive courses, enhancing motivation and replicating outdoor riding experiences.

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  1. Form Check

Record a short video of yourself cycling to assess your form. This visual feedback can help you make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.


  1. Social Accountability

If you like group support, share your exercise bike journey on social media or join virtual cycling communities to stay motivated and exchange tips with fellow enthusiasts.


  1. Set Weekly Goals

Plan your exercise bike sessions for the upcoming week or month and set achievable goals, ensuring consistent progress and accountability.


  1. Focus on RPM

Aim for a consistent pedal cadence, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). This metric can improve your cycling efficiency and reduce strain.


  1. Elevate Intensity with Inclines

If your exercise bike has incline settings, use them to simulate uphill riding, adding a new challenge to your routine.


  1. Visualize Outdoor Routes

Exercise bike training

Imagine cycling along your favorite outdoor routes to mentally enhance your indoor cycling experience.

Here is an extreme hard workout example: imagine riding the Tour de France course with steep hills and beautiful countryside.


  1. Dynamic Standing

Incorporate standing intervals during your workout to engage different muscle groups and give your seated muscles a break.


  1. Ergonomic Upgrades

Consider adding handlebar extensions or ergonomic grips for enhanced comfort during longer rides.


  1. Synchronize with Music

Choose music with varying tempos to match you’re cycling pace, motivating you to keep up with the beat.


  1. Celebrate Milestones

Reward yourself for achieving milestones, whether it’s completing a certain distance or reaching a fitness goal.


  1. Mind-Body Connection

Cultivate a mindful connection with your body while cycling, focusing on the sensations and muscle engagement. (Especially during the warm up phase.)

By incorporating these additional exercise bike tips into your routine, you can continue to challenge yourself, stay motivated, and achieve your fitness objectives.


  1. Cool-Down Period

After completing your workout, gradually decrease your pedaling intensity to allow your heart rate to gradually return to its resting rate. This helps prevent dizziness and aids in recovery.


  1. Stretch After Riding

After your workout, perform gentle stretches to prevent muscle tightness and maintain flexibility.



Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, or increased stamina, these exercise bike tips will help you reach your goals efficiently and safely.

If you’re new to exercise or have any health concerns, consult a fitness professional or healthcare provider before starting a new workout routine.

So hop on that bike and enjoy the ride to a healthier you!


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