Best Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

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Best Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

Most of these little weight loss gems and hacks are easy to implement.

(Check out tips number 68 and 73, these weight loss ideas can make big changes in your life.)

If you’re like most people you lead a busy and hectic lifestyle, so most of these best weight loss tips and tricks are simple and easy to do.

You do NOT have to go to the gym for two to three hours a day to get results.

Before we get started though, there are a few important points to cover, so you will get the most out of these tips.  Just try to do a couple of these ideas every day. These small frequent steps performed often, will add up to big results.

So let’s get started!

Weight Loss Tips


  1. Use The Stairs

Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs to help burn the calories.

If the floor you are after is too high for just walking up the stairs, use a combination of the stairs and the lift.  Such as walk four flights of stairs, then use the lift for the other four.

Try the stairs instead of the escalator at the local shopping centre, it all adds up.


  1. Park The Car Further Away

If you drive to work, park a little bit further away to get those legs going.

When you go shopping, park the car further away in the car park. As well as burning calories, finding a car park is easier to find a park and less chance of another vehicle or trolley scratching your car.


  1. Meal Prep

Meal prep for fasting. Chopping up vegetables

Meal preparation is a great tool for a number of reasons. You can save money on your meals, eat healthier and save time cooking.

Prepare enough servings for a few healthy meals. Put them in a container, and freeze them.  Now if you forget to plan for tonight’s tea you have a healthy meal ready to eat.  It also saves time.

To find out about meal prepping and how to do it, visit – How To Meal Prep For Beginners?


  1. Put Sporty Clothes On

This can make you feel in an athletic mood and more inclined to do exercise.  A good excuse to go shopping and buy some trendy fitness clothes that will put you in a “just do it” frame of mind.


  1. Drink Water

Drink six glasses of water a day or more if you exercise or it’s hot. This helps you stay hydrated and function better.

If you are not used to drinking lots of water, you will feel an improvement straight away.  Depending on where you live, tap water may not taste good from nasties or added chemicals, so try a filter on the tap.

A filtered jug is good way to go, rather than buying bottled water.

Drinking water also helps you fill fuller.  Try having a glass before your meal or if you are hungry.

If you don’t like the taste try adding a touch of lemon juice. Put a bottle of water on your desk to remind you to drink regularly.

Experts say drinking water also helps your brain work better.


  1. Read Fitness Articles

Reading fitness and healthy eating articles or magazines can get you excited about what can be done and how they did it.

Knowledge is power and the more you know the better choices you can make.


  1. Walking Group

Form an exercise group with your friends and you are more likely to stick to it.

Walking or running groups are great for keeping on track for your exercise sessions.


  1. Gym Buddy

weight loss group training

Much like the exercise group, a gym buddy or friend can get you motivated when you don’t feel like doing any exercise.

It is hard to ring your friend and say you can’t be bothered exercising today, because you want a sleep in.


  1. Healthy Cooking Recipes

Look at healthy recipes and cookbooks for ideas for a healthier dinner. It might also give you inspiration and get you excited about healthy food.

This article might also be helpful – What Foods Are Low Calorie?


  1. Exercise With The Children

Take the kids for a walk to the park.  Get the whole family involved in exercise.

Cycle with your partner or the children up a few hills or some mountain biking can get the legs pumping.


  1. No Excuses

Weight training for weight loss

Start today, not tomorrow. Don’t make excuses as this leads to habits, habits leads to results, results to lifestyle.

Eventually your lifestyle will reflect on your daily habits. If there are no exercise habits, then weeks and months and years will go by, without any physical exercise.


  1. The Ideal You

Visualize or put a picture on the mirror or fridge of the type of body you would like. The more you see it, the more you might want to take action.


  1. Fall Forward

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a few mistakes, your human.

Everyone sometimes misses an exercise session, has a cheat meal or over indulges. Move on and don’t beat yourself up over it.


  1. Expectations On How Fast You Can Lose Weight

Don’t expect to lose weight too quickly. After all you didn’t put on excess pounds overnight it slowly happened, same as losing weight.

It does take time, but as long as you are improving it is all good. Do not compare yourself to the celebrity’s results or marketing gimmicks promises that are exaggerated.


  1. Texting, TV And Exercises           

Perhaps every time someone texts you, do some exercises like push-ups.

Do exercise in commercials like stretching, push ups, sit ups, you can do plenty of exercise without missing out on your T.V.

Watching Netflix and there are no commercials? Do some exercise when you get back from the toilet break.

Or better yet, why not just watch it and do some exercise at the same time?


  1. YouTube Fitness           

There are some great yoga, Pilates and workout channels on YouTube. Try one or two exercise video and you may get to like to do exercise consistently with them.

For the weight trainer or bodybuilder, there is a wealth of information on nutrition and exercise programs and how to do certain lifts.

(Unfortunately there is also a lot of misinformation on there as well. So someone with fitness or nutrition credentials might be worth checking out.)


  1. Mix It Up

Try some different exercise or activity like hiking, tai chi, skipping, martial arts class, trampoline, dancing, yoga, etc.

The point is to try something you may not ordinarily do, which is great for your mind and you get active at the same time.


  1. Plateaus           

You will generally loose more weight quicker in the first few days, weeks and months, than you do later on.

Unfortunately plateaus happen and as you lose more weight it gets a bit harder and slows down. But don’t let that discourage you just have to control your calories and exercise smarter and the pounds will come off.


  1. Daily Weight Fluctuation

When you are losing weight your weight will change daily. Sometimes good, sometimes you don’t lose anything and put some on.

The scales aren’t 100 % accurate and your body changes with water amount and a host of other factors.

As long as you are losing weight every three or four days, don’t get hung up on daily weight fluctuations.


  1. Just Ask

Baked Cod with Asparagus

If you are at restaurant and don’t see anything that suites your healthy eating just ask the waiter if the chef can make you a salad.

Or perhaps leave a certain high calorie sauce off or the meal. Or ask for less cheese or a smaller portion size.

Don’t be afraid to ask as most will cater for your needs.


  1. Plan To Eat Out

If you are going to a restaurant, do a Google search and check the menu.

See what they have got or can make that is a healthier choice.  If they can’t, try somewhere else.

Plan ahead to lose weight.

See also – 15 Bad Habits For Weight Loss To Be Aware Of


  1. Don’t Eat Until Full

If you eat until you are full, there is a good chance that you have over eaten.

It takes about 15 minutes or so for your brain to release that you are full.  So eat slowly and control the portion size of your meal.  Limit yourself to about three quarter of feeling full.


  1. Celebrate Milestones

To feel good about the new vibrant healthy, fit you, give yourself a treat by going to the hairdressers, buy new clothes or fake tan, enjoy.

For the men, perhaps a new fishing rod or some new toy helps celebrate the milestone.


  1. Eat Before You Shop

Don’t go to the grocery store or supermarket while you are hungry.  There is more chance you will buy junk food to satisfy your hunger, especially if it is all around you.


  1. Plan To Eat Healthy

Meal prep smoothies

Plan your meals for the week and write them down. (This works well with meal prep.)

Planning can stop you from buying junk takeaway, when you realize you have nothing prepared for dinner.

Here is a list of over 50 low calorie snacks, for more details, visit – 100 Calorie Snack Ideas


  1. Shop Once

Try to buy all of your groceries once a week rather than going three to four times a week getting smaller amounts of groceries.

The less you are in the grocery store, the less chance of picking up potato crisps and chocolate.

Utilize a food delivery service to deliver your groceries or use a meal prep service to save time.


  1. Try Frequent Meals

For some people, having smaller meals more frequent, instead of three big meals helps stop the hunger.

This will help you not feeling like you are starving because you have to wait too long between meals. You may be less likely to have junk food if you are satisfied.

It may prevent you from feeling awful because you had too much to eat in one sitting.

Be careful with portion size though, as bigger meals more frequently will multiply the calories and weight gain.


  1. Breakfast

Greek yogurt with strawberries

A big healthy breakfast can set you up well for the day ahead.

If you are like most people, mornings are busy trying to get ready for work or getting the children organized for school. So if you know mornings are hectic, do a bit of planning and put the plates, cereal or whole grain bread out the night before to save time.

If you run out of time, before work have some fruit, water and muesli bars in the vehicle, not ideal but better then stopping at the takeaway shop for fatty food.

Include a portion of protein in your meals / breakfast as it will fill you up and also help maintain muscle mass when dieting. See also – What Breakfasts Are High In Protein?


  1. Walk After Dinner

Go for a walk after dinner. This is a good way to clear your mind and help digest your meal. And some extra exercise.


  1. Vitamin Tablet?

Have a vitamin and mineral tablet.  If you live and eat properly, ideally you shouldn’t need them, but who lives in a perfect world?

Some dieticians recommend them; others say it is a waste of money. Do your research on this one and decide for yourself, I think it is cheap insurance.

Remember though vitamins and minerals will not give you energy and aren’t a replacement for proper nutrition, but merely what they are, a supplement.


  1. Take The Dog For A Walk

A good excuse to get out of the house, get fit and keep Fido happy.


  1. Time For Cardio

Hire or buy an exercise bike or treadmill and do it while watching TV.

The time will go quicker and you might make it into a habit if you really like watching the soap operas everyday why not exercise at the same time!

Stationary Bike Tips

Check out – 37 Exercise Bike Tips: Get the Most Out Of Your Workouts


  1. Relax

Whether you meditate or take it easy now and then set time to relax. Your body will thank you for it.

Remember there is a big difference between keeping fit and keeping busy all the time.  The first one can help balance your life and add years to it; the second one if overdone all the time can lead you to an early grave.


  1. Don’t Over Train

Watch you don’t overdo the exercise.  It is easy once you get results to overdo it and train too much.

If you constantly getting colds or feeling lethargic or don’t feel like eating after exercise you may be over doing it. (See your Doctor.)

Ease back on the intensity or duration or frequency of exercise for a little bit and see how you go.


  1. Don’t Focus On Just One Thing

Tips On How To Add More Vegetables

Three main factors can affect your weight loss journey. They are mindset, nutrition and exercise.

If you just focus on one area like exercise, the other important areas can get neglected. If you pay attention to all three, then your weight release goals are going to be quicker to reach.


  1. Visualize Achieving Your Goals           

The power of visualization shouldn’t be under estimated, after all top athletes and Olympic athletes use this method to supplement their training.

Lie down some where quiet and close your eyes. Take a few deep relaxing breaths and then visualize yourself at the body weight you would like to be.

It may be hard the first few times but will get easier with practice.

Picture, smell, feel, hear, touch the surroundings with the new you. The more intensity and length of time you can do it for the quicker it will help you achieve your goals.  The more often you do it the better as well.


  1. Smart Watches           

Smart watches, pedometers and phone exercise apps are a good way of measuring how much you have exercised or track your progress.

Try and do a little more each week as it all adds up.

You can get some great apps and watches that help you or keep you on track with your goals.


  1. Heart Rate Monitors

Just like the smart watches, a heart rate monitor can be an effective and fun tool to use.

It can help you see how hard you are exercising and what zone you are in.


  1. Music For Motivation

If you are feeling a bit slack for the day, why not try putting some energetic music on, motivational clip, or film on?

YouTube has some great motivational clips for exercising. Put one on and you will be out the door with your runners on in a flash.


  1. Exercise Habit

Exercise at the same time each day if possible. This way you are more likely to develop this into a good habit.


  1. Yummy Stir Fry’s

Chicken Stir-Fry with Mixed Vegetables

Try some Asian food or stir fry’s for a nice and healthy meal. But keep away from the satays and fried dishes, go with the loaded up veggies.

(Hot spicy food like Thai food also gets the metabolism going.)

Try chopsticks as it is hard to quickly eat too quickly much while using these.


  1. Traveling

If you travel a lot or away on holidays, find out what sort of facilities they have where you are staying. Like a pool or gym.  If they don’t have a gym, do a quick search for what exercise places are close by.

Alternatively, just take your running shoes and run / walk the hotel stairs.

Being away from home shouldn’t be an excuse not to exercise. But, it can be a good place to exercise somewhere different.


  1. Knowledge Is Power

Get knowledgeable about food and exercise.

The more knowledgeable you are about food and exercise then you can make better choices.  This is better than relying on all the myths passed on by the neighbor or well-meaning friend.

To learn about calories, how to convert calories to kilojoules and a quick reference guide, visit – How To Convert Calories To Kilojoules


  1. Should You Miss A Meal?

If you plan to skip a meal, such as following an intermittent fasting method, then it isn’t an issue. However, if it is unplanned to miss a meal, the danger is you might be hungrier and overeat.

Also the food you overeat may not be healthy and have loaded calories in it.

As an example you miss breakfast because you are running late. By lunch time you are starved and instead of having the chicken and salad wrap you planned you decide to get a burger and French fries. There is also more chance you will eat more than the correct portion size.

For dieting, calories are king. So reducing the calories work when losing weight, but if it is unplanned, you might sabotage your results.

For learning about different fasting methods and information, visit – What Is Fasting For Weight Loss?


  1. Record It

A food diary or a fitness / nutrition app like My Fitness Pal can be handy if you find it hard to lose weight.

Record everything you put in your mouth for the day and for the week.

You may be surprised that you thought you ate healthy. But the pen doesn’t lie. A pack of potato crisps here and a chocolate bar there can add up the calories.

The other option is a photo record that you just take a happy snap on your phone of the food you ate.


  1. Use The Lunch Hour To Move

Take a walk in your lunch hour before or after your meal.

A good way for busy people to burn some calories by getting out their walking shoes in lunch time. (Get other staff members involved. A pedometer, smart watch or phone fitness app can be used to measure the steps or distance. )

A big business competed in a challenge where they had to do so many steps per week. Because of the extra exercise time at lunch, the staff who utilized the time to walk at work done well.


  1. Turn Off  The News

Try this tip, instead of listening to or watching the negative news, why not turn off the news and go for a walk instead.

You won’t miss anything, there will still be unfortunately all the depressing stories on another night. However, your body will thank you for it for the exercise and your mind will thank you for it for getting rid of the negativity.


  1. Go To Bed Early

For most people seven to nine hours sleep or more is needed to recharge and feel good the next day. So try going to bed a bit earlier and you are more likely to exercise and eat healthier than you would if you are tired.

In addition, you avoid the temptations of alcohol, caffeine and snacks if you stay up late watching Netflix or on social media.


  1. Write Down Your Exercise Program

Just like a food diary an exercise diary or fitness app can just be as handy as you get to know what you really done for the week.

This is where you find out how serious you are about losing weight, by what you have done for the week.

Also by planning the week or month ahead you can set achievable goals and are more likely to stick to the plan if you know what you are doing.

There are some great fitness apps that help you plan and structure your workouts and record what you have achieved.

For weight training, recording the weights used, sets and reps down is a good idea, as it is easy to forget what done last week. As an example if you bench pressed a certain weight for three sets with twelve reps, you can easily see what you done.


  1. Genetics And Realistic Expectations

Genetics sometimes suck.  You are born with your body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be fit and healthy and look your best.

Don’t use genetics as an excuse for not caring about your weight or health. You won’t know you if you can achieve a super fit body until you try for it. Regardless, you can always improve.

It is amazing how much someone can progress themselves with a good healthy eating, exercise and mindset.


  1. Eat Slowly

Take smaller bites and chew your food more. This will help your saliva digest the meal better and slow your meal time down so you don’t overeat.

It takes time for your brain to register it is full, so enjoy the food you have now and slow down the pace.


  1. Use A Smaller Plate

A large plate can be loaded up with more with food, so limit yourself first and use a smaller plate.

A good tip for parties is to use the desert plate.


  1. Have Your Plate Two Thirds Full Of  Salads Or Vegetables

Instead of the typical western meal of your plate two thirds full of red meat and a small amount of salad or vegetables, try it the other way around.

Make sure water dense foods such as salads and vegetables are plentiful as they are nutritious. As well as fewer calories, most vegetables have fiber and are filling. They are also easier to digest then a big steak.

For more ideas, visit – How To Easily Add More Vegetables To Your Diet

Vegetables don’t have to be boring or bland. Check out these delicious healthy fries made from sweet potatoes, for information, click on – Baked Sweet Potato Fries With No Oil


  1. Clean Out The Garage           

Move the junk out the shed or garage and set up a small gym.

A weight bench and a few dumbbells is all you needed to get started.

Sweep it out and hang a few motivational posters on the wall for an energetic atmosphere.

Or clean out the spare room, which is a good way of de-cluttering your house and maybe sell some old junk on eBay. Then put an exercise bike, rowing machine or a cross trainer in the room and you can exercise no matter what the weather outside.


  1. Breathe

Feeling a bit stressed? Then try doing five deep breaths to get your mind and body focused.

The oxygen will get the mind calmer and more tuned to handle the challenges ahead.


  1. House Work For Weight Loss?

Put your favorite high energetic tunes on and clean to the tempo.

Turn the house work into a game and see how quick you can buzz around the house with some high tempo music on.

Perhaps not as good as a running a few miles, but you are burning up some energy and hence calories.


  1. Green Smoothies

High Protein green smoothie

Smoothies are a great source of nutrients and the varieties are endless. However, loading up with too many fruits can overload the calories, so instead try a green smoothie.

If you just use all vegetables, the drink can taste not great, so add some fruit to give it a nicer taste.

Start off with a bit more fruit and less veg, but work up to more greens and less fruit over time.

Use a handful of spinach (or green salad mix), half an apple and some berries with some low fat yogurt for a tasty drink.

Tip, instead of using ice cubes, use half of a banana or apple that has been in the freezer.

Kiwi fruit, pineapple, oranges and mango go well in the smoothie for taste.

A dash of lemon or lime juice can add some extra flavors to the drink.

Vanilla protein powder can add some nice flavor to the smoothie as well.


  1. Keep It In Sight

Put healthy food in sight such as on the bench easy to see, such a fruit bowel.

If you get home and go straight to the pantry for high calorie snacks or the cookie jar, place some fruit in the same place and turn your bad habits into good ones.

Alternatively hide the fatty foods. Out of sight out of mind is a good saying for not making the junk food more tempting by seeing it all the time.


  1. Watch A Sporting Event

It is hard not to watch elite athletes and not get inspired by the effort and focus they put in.

It doesn’t have to be the sport or exercise you do yourself, but more to get you in a frame of mind of being active.

Even watching your child’s football or soccer match can be motivating.


  1. Fiber Is Good

Foods containing fiber help you feel fuller and have many health benefits.

Whole grains, fruit and vegetables are a good source. Oats or porridge is a great way of getting some daily fiber.


  1. Put The Salt Away

Try using herbs and spices instead of salt in your cooking.

Common herbs and spices list

For those that love pouring the salt on the food, try tasting the food first before you put the salt on.  You might find the food has enough taste.

If you still must have the added salt, try reducing the amount of salt you use every time. After a while your taste buds will change and you won’t desire it as much.

Also don’t set the table with the salt out for a start, most western foods have excess salt in the foods you eat, so don’t feel like your body will miss out.

For some herb and spice ideas, visit – A List of Herbs and Spices for Cooking


  1. Cut Back On The White Bread

You can eat bread and carbs in your diet, but replace the white bread with healthier choices like wholemeal, wholegrain and multigrain breads and rolls instead.

I used to hate eating wholemeal bread, but I knew that it wasn’t the best choice, so I slowly introduced wholemeal and multigrain breads in some of my meals.

I started by having some of the sandwich with white bread, I then would have a quarter of one of them with wholemeal bread.

After a while I moved to having half white bread and the other half wholemeal. Eventually after a few months I had more wholemeal bread and my taste buds and mind started to enjoy the wholemeal bread just as much.

I still like white bread, but know I enjoy whole meal breads much more and make better choices more often.

If you can change cold turkey straight away then well done, if not, just try small changes over time. Something that you once disliked can now be desired with a bit of time and persistence.


  1. Pasta Lovers

Choose tomato based sauces for the pasta dishes rather than the creamy sauces that are high in fat and calories.

If you are making a creamy carbonara sauce, instead of using cream, try using low fat or light Greek yogurt instead.


  1. Pizza And Hamburgers

Trader Joe's High-Protein Organic Tofu Veggie Burger

This is a great weight loss tip that is healthier and tastier then the real thing. If you love your hamburgers and pizza why not make them yourself?

For the pizza, use less cheese or low fat cheese, have more toppings like tomato, onion, mushrooms, pineapple and bell peppers.

Cut back the red meat or try chicken pizza, turkey or vegetarian pizza with half the cheese.

Load up the hamburger with healthy salad and use lean ground beef. Try ground turkey or venison for a lower fat burger with fewer calories.

Try a veggie burger from Trader Joe’s. For some ideas visit – Healthy Foods To Buy At Trader Joe’s


  1. Low Fat Milk

If you drink plenty of milk, (or milkshakes, or in your cereal) go for the low fat or no fat milk variety to save on calories.

If you don’t like the taste of low fat milk, mix half of low fat with the full cream milk.

After a few weeks, reduce the ratio of the full cream milk. Your taste buds will change and you will get to the stage of enjoying all low fat milk.  Pretty soon the taste of full cream milk will be too rich.


  1. Grills, B.B.Q.s. And Parties

Going to a party, grill or barbecue and worried that all the food will be fatty food? Why not bring your own healthy choices.  Like lean cuts of meat or salad.

Take something different like fish or turkey or for sweets a platter of fruit.  The grill doesn’t have to be just red meats. Try wedges of bell peppers, eggplant, pineapple, mushroom and chicken breast with a touch of barbecue sauce.

Use your imagination for healthier meals.


  1. Cut Out Sodas

Sodas contain a lot of empty calories, that has no nutritional value and contain a lot of sugar.

Also avoid the cola drinks and energy drinks as they are high in caffeine and most also contain a lot of calories.

Even the no sugar and low calorie sodas can be a trap as you can get used to the taste and want them all the time at the expense of other drinks.


  1. Good Versus Bad Eating Habits

Perform a few different weight loss tips daily, you will end up changing your lifestyle for the better.

Bad daily choices lead to bad habits and as a result, lead to bad lifestyle.

On the other side of the coin, good daily choices lead to good weekly choices, then good monthly etc.

Good habits form and lead to a good healthy lifestyle.  This concept should not be underestimated and is very powerful for all aspects of your life.

How long does it take to form a habit?  That depends on how long you have had it and how emotionally strong the habit is.

Most small habits can be replaced in around twenty one days; however, if you have been drinking soda and eating high fatty meals every day with no exercise for ten years, then it is going to take a while.

One good idea is when you find yourself doing or getting the urge to do a bad choice is to immediately replace it with a good choice.

An example could be, that if you go to reach for the potato crisps in the cupboard is to go and do some push-ups, (Or skipping, mini trampoline or crunches, or grabbing an apple instead.)

It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it can be done immediately and is a more positive choice. This will then change your frame of mind at that time.

Sure you might do the push-ups and still go for the potato crisps and eat them, but stick with this principal. After a while you end up doing better choices daily and burying the bad habits.

(If you’re eating habits don’t change, at least you have done plenty of exercise in the meantime and that is a change in itself.)


  1. Involve The Children With The Meals

If your children don’t like eating vegetables, get them involved in selecting the ingredients for the meals. Such as letting the kids choose two out of the four vegetables to go into a meal.

The children might not like any vegetables at all, however if you choose them, they will be more likely to eat them.

This also works well for meals, you can ask which one out of two or three healthy meals would they like for dinner tonight.  Just do not give them too many choices or they will be deciding all night.


  1. Reward

If you find yourself feeling like junk food, but choose a healthy option instead reward yourself at the end of the week.

This could be any positive reward such as a monetary or a physical reward. It could be a present, movies, massage, etc.

Every time you make a healthy choice you might put away a dollar or so and plan to buy a new toy at the end of the month or go on a shopping spree.

You will soon associate in your mind doing the right thing with pleasure and then you may be more likely to repeat it.


  1. Talking To Yourself

We all talk to ourselves in our mind. So instead of being too harsh on ourselves, let’s try some positive affirmations.

You might think about your goals about how good and healthy you feel loosing twenty pounds.

Or better yet write the goals down daily.

The more times you do it and the more intensity in the feelings, the more likely the results will come.

Match some healthier eating, exercise and some positive self-talk for a quicker way to your goals.


  1. Entrée Instead Of Main

Look for the entrée size rather then the main if that isn’t a larger enough portion size try a side serve of salad with it.


  1. Avoid The Fad Diets


Some fad diets (like just having soup or grapefruit for every meal) can promise you to loose a lot of weight in one week.

But how long can you last having one type of food for the rest of your life?

Some diets are not sustainable and you go back to old habits. Which means return to old eating habits and put more weight on.

Concentrate on learning about calories. If you are in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight. if you are in a calorie surplus, you will gain weight.

It doesn’t matter if it is a celebrity or fad diet, the principals of weight loss such as calories in, versus calories out, will dictate if you gain weight or lose weight.


  1. Have Fun

The final weight loss tip is to have fun and be happy now.

It is no use thinking to yourself that, when I lose 12 pounds or so in the future, I will be happy.

Why not make your mind up and be happy and enjoy the journey as life is too short, so enjoy it now.


Conclusion – Best Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

Organic Quinoa breakfast bowl

Trying different ideas, exercises, sports and foods can put you out of your comfort zone.

However, if you want to change your body you first have to change your mind.  If you do not change then things don’t change, hey it’s not all scary, you might even have some fun!

Eat in moderation, exercise, be grateful, have fun and be happy now.