100 Calorie Snack Ideas

  • By: Ann Williams
  • Time to read: 19 min.

It is surprising the amount of 100 Calorie snack ideas you can discover and we have found over 50 snacks for you.

100 Calorie Snack Ideas

Most are healthy and some are a real treat for you to enjoy, without the extra calories and guilt.

Whether you are on a weight loss diet, meal plan, or just watching your waistline, these low calorie snack ideas are easy to prepare.

Some of these snacks are slightly over 100 Calories, (418 Kilojoules) other ones are way under that range.

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Here are diets or plans that some 100 Calorie snack ideas can work in with:

  • Healthy meals plan
  • The Lady Shake
  • Weight loss plan
  • The Man Shake
  • Calorie controlled 1,200 calories a day plan or 1,400.
  • Weight gain plan
  • Counting calories
  • Visual meal plan
  • 5:2 diet
  • CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet
  • Hand size portion control diet
  • Michelle Bridges 12WBT
  • Intermittent fasting cycle
  • 28 by Sam Wood
  • FatBlaster Shake
  • Volumetric diet
  • Paleo
  • FatBlaster For Men
  • Low carb diet


Low Calorie Snacks

Low Calorie Snacks

We will list the snacks and the calories, then below that discuss more details about the food, recipes and extra information on the snack.

Just be mindful that different sizes, brands and types of the one food item can vary widely in Calories.

As an example a small banana will have a lot less of calories of a large banana. Or a tin of tuna in Springwater will have a lot less calories then tuna in oil.

(The brands and types listed below are examples. You don’t have to use that exact brand or type, just select similar in Calorie values.)

Here is the list of over 50 snacks and their calories:

Snack Calories Kilojoules
Apple (medium) 93 389
Kiwi fruit (Chinese Gooseberries.) 42 176
Snow Peas or Sugar snap peas. 1 Cup 26 111
Low Calorie Ice-cream (Skinny Cow Double Chocolate 91g) 120 503
Pear (medium) 103 432
Orange (large) 86 361
Mandarins (small) 40 168
Yogurt Low fat. (Yoplait Zero Classics Strawberry 163g.) 59 248
Greek yogurt low fat. (Chobani Plain 0.5% Fat 170g) 99 414
Almonds (10.) 69 290
Protein bars (Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Almond Caramel 30g.) 101 421
Celery (stalk) 9 36
Hommus dip 20g (Obela Hommus Smooth Classic 220g) 53 220
Chick Peas 75g (Edgell Chickpeas 400g) ) 102 428
Green beans (Snap, string) 1 cup 44 183
Green Smoothie 70 293
Skim milk. (Woolworths Australian Skim Milk 250ml. 1 cup.) 85 354
Capsicum (Bell peppers) (medium) 31 129
Carrot sticks. – 1 cup. 52 220
Blueberries. – 1/2 cup. 42 176
Strawberries. – 1 cup. 49 205
Raspberries. – 1 cup. 64 268
Boiled egg. 77 322
Watermelon. (Diced cup.) 46 191
Cantaloupe. (Rockmelon) (Cup diced) 53 222
Corn Puffs. (For Goodness Snacks Corn Puffs Roast Chicken. Serving Size 17.5g) 76 320
Mixed Salad 68 281
Cucumber. 1/2 cup slices. 8 33
Popcorn. (Woolworths Original Gluten Free Popcorn. 20g.) 90 376
Cottage Cheese. (Bulla Cottage Cheese 97% Fat Free. 100g.) 85 362
Tuna. (Portview Tuna Chunks in Springwater 95g tin.) 81 337
Salmon. (John West Salmon in Springwater 95g tin.) 55 232
Crispbreads. (Arnotts Cruskits Light 11.4g 2 Biscuits.) 44 182
Grapes. (1 Cup.) 110 462
Banana. (Medium) 105 439
Bread. (Coles High Fibre Wholemeal Bread. 1 slice.) 82 342
Salsa dip. (Doritos Salsa Dip Mild. 30g.) 12 50
Low Fat Peanut Butter. (Bega Light Peanut Butter 22g. 1 Tablespoon.) 122 512
Mango. (1 Cup, sliced.) 107 449
Cherry tomatoes. (1 Cup.) 27 112
Rice cakes. (Sunrice Rice Cakes Original. About 4 cakes.) 97 407
Custard. (Woolworths Vanilla Custard 97% Fat Free. 100 grams.) 99 416
Pineapple. (1 cup of diced.) 74 311
Green Tea. (Twinings Pure Green Tea. 1 Bag.) 2 10
Apricots. 17 71
Nectarines. 60 250
Plums. 30 127
Fava Bean snacks. – The Happy Snack Company, Red Pepper & Chilli Fava Beans 25g. 115 482
Olives. (Sandhurst Olives Green Pitted. 50g.) 70 292
Cup soup. (Continental Cup A Soup Classic Chicken Noodle. 250ml.) 46 192
Canned peaches. (SPC Peaches 140g in juice.) 72 302
Vegemite. (1 tsp 5 grams.) 10 41
Jelly – (Aeroplane Jelly Strawberry 125g.) 84 331
Corn Cob – (50g Cob) 42 176
Corn Kernels. (Edgell Corn Kernels 72 g when drained.) 47 198


List Healthy Snacks and Low Calorie

List Healthy Snacks and low calorie

To work in with a meal plan, select one, two or three snacks for the day. Ideally include one fruit, one dairy and one healthy fats options, so you are getting a wide variety of different nutritional value foods.

You might rotate the snacks through like, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and wholegrains for your taste buds as well as nourishment.

For some of these snacks you can increase the portion size or add extra toppings or ingredients to make a side dish or meal with them.

All these healthy snacks and low calorie snacks can be brought from Woolworths, Coles, IGA and Aldi supermarkets.

Some healthy options are also great to include in your child’s lunchbox for a varied treat.

If the weight loss plan calls for 200 Calorie (837 Kilojoules.) snacks, just double the 100 ones, or mix and match a few food items. As an example, Greek yogurt with strawberries.

Here is some information on the low calorie snacks, recipes, ideas and some options:



Low calorie snack - apple

A medium size apple is under 100 Calories and is a great convenient snack.

Don’t be too concerned about what type of apple it is, such as Granny Smith, Fuji, Red delicious, etc. Most of them are similar in total calories.

Tip – An apple corer and slicer can save a lot of time. (You can use it for pears as well.)


Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit (Chinese Gooseberries) is a delicious snack and high in vitamin C.

To save time and get some good fibre and roughage, eat it with the skin on. Just wash it first, and slice the end cores out.

Kiwi fruit also goes well in a fruit smoothie.


Snow peas or Sugar snap peas

Snow peas and sugar snap peas are truly lovely in a healthy Asian stir fry, or just a snack by themselves. They also go well with dips like Hummus.


Low Calorie Ice-cream

Yummy, delicious and all under 120 Calories for a Skinny Cow ice cream. There are plenty of other low calorie ice cream varieties, plant based and high protein options as well like:

  • Halo Top
  • Fro Pro
  • Denado
  • Muscle Nation
  • Artic Zero
  • Fit Lato
  • Bulla Light 98% Fat Free
  • Tilly’s Guilt Free
  • Gym Bod

While ice cream is possible not the healthiest choice, these do make a nice occasional treat that are low in calories, but high in the Yum factor.

You can find low calorie ice cream at Woolworths, Coles and IGA supermarkets.

For a list of nutritional information and calories listed to compare the ice creams sold at Woolies, click on – Woolworths Low Calorie Ice Cream



Pears are nice sliced up and put in oats or on top of protein pancakes. You can also place them on crispbreads, or toast.

Microwave them with some honey, berries and cinnamon for a sweet dessert.



Add oranges to a smoothie or salad, or simply eat it on its own for a sweet snack.



Tasty and convenient as a snack or even add them to salads. Ideal in the child’s lunch box for a healthy treat.



A yogurt is a good source of calcium and added protein.

With the endless varieties and brands you do have to double check the nutritional panel to find the total calories and macros to work in with your daily calories.

For watching the excess calories, chose a low fat variety.

Add chopped up fruit to the yogurt for extra taste, nutrition or added calories.


Greek yogurt low fat

Greek yoghurt is very tasty, healthy and versatile.

Mix some chocolate protein powder in for a great creamy chocolate taste. Or mix it in with berries, or on cereal.

Use the Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream. Put the Greek yogurt on baked potatoes instead of sour cream. It also works well as a creamy pasta sauce for Carbonara.

Chose the low fat variety in a good quality brand.



Nuts and almonds are high in healthy fats. But they are also high in calories, so you do have to be careful how much you have.

Weight loss tip – Don’t sit down with the whole bag, otherwise it is too easy to eat more then you need. Just measure out what you need, then put the bag away before you start to eat them.


Protein bars

Best Low Calorie Protein Bars

Protein bars are convenient and some are pretty darn tasty.

However, you do have to look in the nutritional panel for this one, as the size and total calories of the different brands very immensely.

You have protein bars ranging from weight loss bars, low carb bars, energy bars, meal replacement bars, to weight gain protein bars.

Double check the nutritional panel and look for a bar ideally under 150 calories for a total serving if you are on a weight loss diet.

(Make sure that it doesn’t say two servings in the wrapper or bar. Otherwise you might have both servings and double you calorie intake.)

There are plenty of good brands like Body Science (BSC), Aussie Bodies, Quest, Muscle Nation and Musashi protein bars for all tastes, types and calorie ranges.

Low carb, Keto, high protein, vegan and gluten free bars are all available.

For a list of low calorie bars like below, click on – Best Low Calorie Protein Bars


Type Calories Kilojoules
Atkins Enduldge Bar Turkish Delight 30g 81 340
Fibre One Protein Bar Caramel 24g 87 366
Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownies 24g 87 363
Fibre One Protein Bar Cookies & Cream 24g 88 367
Fibre One Triple Choc Cake Bars 25g 89 370
Weight Watchers Coconut Delight Indulgent Bars 21g 89 374
Fibre One Velvet Cake Bar 25g 90 375
Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Protein Bar Salted Caramel Fudge 30g 93 388
Fat Blaster Snack Bars Chocolate Crunch 30g 93 390
Fat Blaster Snack Bars Choc Caramel 30g 95 396
Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Protein Bar Peanut Butter Fudge 30g 98 411
Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whipped Bar Multipack Chocolate 30g 99 413
Optislim 100 Calorie Snack Choc Coated Mixed Berry Bars 35g 99 415
Optislim 100 Calorie Snack Mixed Berry Muffin Bars 40g 100 420
Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Deluxe Bar Multipack Almond Caramel 30g 101 421
Essential Health Protein Bar Mint 30g 103 432
Essential Health Protein Bar Coconut 30g 103 429
Essential Health Protein Bar Choc Fudge 30g 103 429
Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whipped Bar Multipack Boysenberry 30g 103 433
Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whipped Bar Multipack Mint Choc 30g 104 436
Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whipped Bar Multipack Cookies & Cream 30g 106 442
BC Protein Balls Red Velvet Cupcake 30g 114 478
Atkins Advantage Choc Raspberry Bars 30g 119 498
Maxines Burn Bar Mocha Fudge 40g 124 520

If you are trying to bulk up and put on weight, visit – Best High Protein Bars for a list of high protein bars and high calorie bars.

For a taste test rating of the bars, click on – What Are The Best Tasting Protein Bars?



Celery is very low in calories and high in water content.

Peanut butter and hummus can up the taste, but also up the calories, so limit the amount with dips and spreads.



Hommus dip low calorie with carrot sticks, cucumber and celery

Use it for a dip with green, red bell pepper slices, green beans, cucumber, snow peas, carrot sticks and celery sticks for a tasty snack.

Look for the light or low fat variety of hummus and dips for lower calories.

Weight Loss Tip – Instead of dipping the carrot sticks into the whole container, take the controlled portion out of hummus container. That way you are not tempted to eat more than the portion recommended and hence total calories.


Chick peas.

Bake them in the oven and have them cold or hot for a healthier option snack.

Add some herbs and spices to them for some extra flavour like paprika.


Green beans

Mix these up with celery and carrots sticks for a delicious uncooked treat. Or a side dish for a main meal.


Green Smoothie

Fruit Smoothies are great, however it is easy to overdo the calories in them. So a green smoothie with a base of mixed salad leaves or spinach, cuts down on the calories.

Here is one recipe that is nutritious and low in calories and with fibre.

If it is too bitter, reduce the celery and spinach for now. As your taste buds get used of it, you can add more greens to it.

To make it a bit sweeter, add some more mixed berries and skim milk.

Green Smoothie Recipe: Calories Kilojoules
Strawberries. 1 cup. 49 205
Spinach leaves. 1 cup 7 29
Celery (1/2 stalk) 4 17
Psyllium husk. 1 tbsp.  5g. 10 42
Iced water – to cover ingredients. N/A N/A


Mix it up in a blender or mixer.

Add some ice cubes for a colder taste.

If you can spare the calories, add a kiwi fruit. Or add half an apple or half a banana to it.

Tip – If you have calories to spare or want more protein, add some protein powder to it. Vanilla flavour protein goes well with a lot of smoothie types and flavours.

(I love the banana protein powder in it, with Skim milk.)

You can just use half a scoop if you still want it lower in calories.


Skim milk

Skim milk. Low calorie snack

With only 85 Calories, a glass of skim milk is a good source of extra protein.

For athletes, growing teens and bodybuilders, skip the light milk and go for the full cream milk.


Capsicum (Bell peppers)

Green or red capsicum (bell peppers) are a healthy snack by themselves. Or you can add it to some green beans, carrot sticks, cucumber and celery with dip for a bigger snack or meal.

Capsicum is great for a home-made pizza, or side salad.

Yellow bell peppers have a very nice sweet taste as well.


Carrot sticks

Another healthy snack that you can have raw is carrot sticks. Eat them with a dip, or just by themselves.

For something different, slice the carrot down the middle into quarter strips and bake it for roast carrot.  Add some cracked pepper, or seasoning before roasting and you have some delicious roasted carrot that is healthy.


Blue Berries

Add them to smoothies, porridge or just eat them by themselves. They are delicious on top of pancakes, or on crispbreads with cottage cheese.

Add ½ a cup of blueberries to some low fat Greek yogurt for a filling and nutritious snack.


Strawberries and Raspberries

Strawberries, raspberries and mixed berries are so tasty and flexible with foods. Add them to cereal, smoothies and desserts, or by themselves.

Berries can go off quickly, so buying a frozen pack of mixed berries or strawberries is great for convenience.


Boiled egg

A good protein source and filling, eggs can easily be worked into a diet and are ideal for a snack. Have them cold or hot.

Slice one up and place on a Crispbread with some cracked pepper for a snack.

Tip – Instead of just boiling up one, cook a couple at a time and then place in the fridge.

For information on saving time and money with meal prepping, click on – How to Meal Prep for Beginners



Another high water content fruit that is great to eat on its own, or added to a smoothie, or fruit salad.

You can also freeze it for an icy pole.



When in season cantaloupe, (rock melon) is another healthy fruit option. Add to a salad, yogurt, or add it to your breakfast cereal.

Use cookie cutters to cut it up in different shapes like stars and hearts, to get the children interested in eating it.


Corn Puffs

For a different occasional treat, the For Goodness Snacks Corn Puffs Roast Chicken has just 76 Calories (320 Kilojoules.)

The serving size is 17.5g which is half a bag. (If you eat the whole bag 35g, the calories will double.)

These Corn puffs are soy and gluten free and air popped.


Mixed Salad

A cup full of mixed salad, or spinach leaves is very low in calories and can work with a lot of other foods with it. Some options to add to the salad are:

Cherry tomatoes
Sliced capsicum (bell peppers.)
Scallions (spring onions.)
Orange slices
Carrot sticks
Corn kernels
Chili flakes

Add some, lemon juice, wholegrain mustard seed, lime juice, jalapenos, for a spicy mixed salad.

Here is a simple low calorie mixed salad recipe, at just 68 Calories or around 281 kilojoules.

Easy Mixed Salad Recipe: Calories Kilojoules
Spinach leaves. 2 cups 14 58
Cherry tomatoes. (1 Cup.) 27 112
Cucumber. 1/2 cup slices. 8 33
Capsicum. 1/2 sliced. 16 65
Lemon juice. 1 tbsp. 3 13


To add some extra calories or for a bigger meal, add: Feta cheese, boiled egg, sun dried tomatoes, or a small tin of salmon or tuna. (In Springwater.)



Add it to salads, in rings, or slice it into sticks for dips. Mix it with carrot sticks and celery for a very low calorie healthy snack.



This snack might come as a surprise to some, but it can be healthy. Limit the salt and just liked a baked potato, don’t slather it in butter.

Try adding minimal calorie toppings and seasoning to the popcorn, like paprika to it.


Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese makes a tasty snack, or a meal on some toast with pear on it.

Add cottage cheese to crispbreads, breakfast bowls, fruit or dips. Or use it for added taste to Italian type dishes.



Tinned tuna is ideal for salads and toppings for toast, and wraps.

Be careful with the canned tuna in oil, as these are higher in fat and calories. Select the tuna in Springwater tins for low calorie options.

If you want more flavour, add herbs and spice like: pepper, lemon juice, chili flakes,

Combine a small 70g – 95g tin with a couple of crispbreads for a healthy filling snack



Similar to tuna in its versatility as a snack or part of a main, salmon in Springwater is ideal for salads and toppings.



Low fat crispbread with cottage cheese and tomato

There are many brands and varieties of Crispbreads and some are high in calories. So choose a crispbread type like a Wasa Light Rye or Arnott’s Cruskits Crispbread 98% Fat Free.

For the toppings you can add:

Jam (Jelly spread)
Pear (with nut meg or cinnamon)
Cottage Cheese
Light cheese slices
Blueberries & Cottage Cheese

For a higher calorie meal, add turkey slices with cottage cheese on the crispbreads. (I love adding chili flakes as well and chives. Or tomato and cracked pepper.)

Cucumber slices go well on crispbreads and banana. (I didn’t mean cucumber and banana together. But I haven’t tried that, so I guess it could work?)

A small tin of Tuna goes very nicely on top of crispbreads with some lettuce. (Tuna in Springwater, not oil.)

For more information on low calorie crispbread and Cruskit recipes, click on – Crispbread Recipe Ideas (Under 100 and 200 Calories)



A lot of grapes are seasonal, but are very tasty when in season. A cup full of grapes is around 110 Calories, or 462 Kilojoules.



Bananas have received a bad rap lately, but they are great fruit choice for a snack and are versatile with other foods.

Add slices to custard, on crispbreads, yogurts, pancakes, toast or use in a smoothie.

Tip – Use half in the smoothie and place the other half in the freezer for a cold smoothie instead of adding ice.


Multigrain Bread

Yes, you can have bread for a snack and still lose weight, as long as you don’t overdo the toppings and condiments.

The old saying, it is the spread, not the bread that adds up the calories

A single piece of bread is around 82 Calories, depending on brand, type and ingredients.

Select the wholemeal, wholegrain and multigrain type breads for a healthier choice of fibre.

Just like popcorn and baked potato, don’t smother with butter or margarine on it.

You do have to watch the amount of butter you spread on it. Otherwise the calories soon ad up.


Salsa dip

Use it for a dip for cucumber, carrot sticks, celery and bell peppers.

For a dip, salsa is very low in calories, however you do have to watch the salt intake.

Just like the hummus dip, so you are not tempted to eat the whole container, just scoop out the measured amount first in another container. Then put the rest away in the fridge.


Low Fat Peanut Butter

While you do have to watch the calories or peanut butter, it is certainly tasty. Use on wholegrain bread, celery sticks, crispbreads and add it to oats.

For growing teenagers, athletes and bodybuilders use a good quality peanut butter to add more calories on their meals. Add the peanut butter to protein shakes, oats and desserts for extra calories.



Another refreshing fruit that can be eaten by itself or added to salads or smoothies.

Mango also can go in yogurt, chia pudding and porridge.


Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and use on crispbread’s, or eat them by themselves.

Or add them to the healthy platter of snacks like celery, carrot sticks and green beans with hummus.


Rice cakes

Add toppings like: cottage cheese, banana, honey, pear or apple slices, cherry tomatoes, hummus, etc.

To add extra calories like protein and fat, add avocado, olives, sliced turkey cold meat, tuna, salmon, peanut butter, nut butter or cheese.


Custard Low Fat

For around 100 grams of low fat custard, you get just 99 Calories (416 kJ) of a delicious snack or dessert. Have it warm or cold or add some pear slices or mixed berries for a tasty treat.

Banana and custard goes well together.

Vanilla protein powder or banana flavoured protein is a great way to mix it in with the custard for extra protein. Although it will add extra calories as well.

Weight Loss Tip – So you don’t over pour the calories, weigh it in a cup once and then in future, you just pour it to that same volume amount to save time.

(Or put your empty bowl on the scales, press tare, and then pour the custard in to weigh it.)



Refreshing and sweet, pineapple is a very versatile fruit for smoothies, salads or eat it by itself. Pineapple is nice in stir fries like sweet and sour varieties.

Be careful with canned pineapple in syrup as it can add extra calories.

Because it is so nice and sweet, it is easy to overeat pineapple, so limit the amount, otherwise the calories can add up easy.


Green Tea

To get you between meals, a cup of Green Tea is a very low calorie option. Great for a cold day as well.

For fasting diets, green tea can be used as it doesn’t have many calories.

(Technically in the fasting phase, consuming any calories shouldn’t be allowed.) But if it gives you some comfort and taste, then a mere few calories per cup might be acceptable to your plan.

However, watch the flavoured varieties for fasting like lemon, ginger teas, as they can have slightly more calories in them without realizing it. (Although it is minimal.)

Also adding cream, milk, sugar to the tea can increase the calories.

Green tea is a good drink to have before weight training, or a workout because of the caffeine. (Although it generally has less caffeine than a coffee or black tea.)


Apricots, Nectarines and Plums

Stone fruits like apricots, nectarines and plums, although seasonal are another option to work in with a low calorie meal plan, or healthy eating regime.

Stone fruits are ideal for added toppings for yogurt, cereal and smoothies.

You can even stew plums for a healthy desert.


Fava Bean snacks

Fava bean snacks low calorie

Packets of Fava beans come in a wide range of flavours and varieties. Check the nutritional panel for the calories per serve.



Green or black olives can be added to a salad, or some people even have them by themselves.


Cup of soup

Ideal for cold mornings, a cup of soup has plenty of options and varieties for any taste buds.

Be careful with the creamy type soups as they can hide a lot of calories.


Canned peaches.

Canned peaches and tinned fruit is handy with cereal, muesli, desserts, or a perfect snack that you can have by itself.



More of a condiment then a snack by itself, but vegemite makes the list as it is too Australian not to.

Vegemite on toast, or Crispbreads is an easy snack. Even try it on celery or carrot sticks. (Be careful of adding too much margarine or butter with it though.)


Low Calorie Custard Toast

Low Calorie Custard Toast

For something a bit different check out the 3 recipes at – High Protein Custard Toast – Plus Low Calorie Recipe

One custard yogurt toast recipe is only 106 Calories. (400 Kilojoules.)



Another, maybe not healthy snack but a good treat for the amount of calories is jelly.

Add some sliced up fruits on top of it for a healthier option.

(Don’t make it with kiwi fruit or pineapple in it, as it may not set properly.)


Corn Cob

Steam, boil, fry or BBQ, corn on the cob is versatile and can be used as part of a main meal or a separate snack by itself at just around 42 Calories, (176 Kilojoules) for a 50g Cob.


Corn Kernels.

Heat it up in the microwave, add a touch of cracked pepper for a tasty snack. Add corn kernels to a salad or as a side dish.


Low Calorie Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Check out this low calorie Parfait recipe, it has 144 Calories. Click on –  Yogurt Parfait Recipe  (On the post, it also has a high protein recipe as well.) It is simple to make for a tasty treat.


Have a variety of foods

Healthy snacks make you happy

To ensure a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre in your diet (and keeping your taste buds happy), mix the snacks up during the week.

Don’t just have apples every day, blend the snacks up during the week.


FAQ and tips

There are hundreds of other healthy snacks as well, but most on this list are popular and can be found easily.

Most of these snacks listed above are healthy, but with some you do have to watch your volume of the snack, or the calories eaten can quickly add up.

For faster weight loss, or just health benefits mix in with the calorie controlled snacks some exercise. For easy to implement ideas, click on – Best Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

Do don’t be too concerned about the exact calorie count as some days you have more, other days you have less calories. It will work out roughly even if you plan or don’t eat high caloric foods in excess on average.

(If you are entering a bodybuilding or physique competition, then ideally you should be weighing and measuring more accurately within reason.)

A lot of these snacks are ideal for breaking the fast when you are on a fasting diet. Check out, – What Is Fasting For Weight Loss for more information.

For items like cheese, peanut butter, yogurt and trans fat free margarine, chose the low fat varieties. This helps reduce the total calories and keep the calorie balance in check for weight loss.

Some of the more calorie dense foods should be weighed or measured. To save time use measuring cups and spoons instead of weighing the food if possible.

To learn how to convert calories to kilojoules and a quick reference guide, visit – How To Convert Calories To Kilojoules



100 Calorie snacks

With this list of snacks, you don’t have to shop for expensive exotic fruits of foods. Most of these weight loss snacks and healthy alternatives ideas can be found at your local Woolworths, Aldi or Coles supermarket store.

If you want to reduce the calories of these snacks more, choose a smaller serving size, or go for the low fat varieties, e.g. low fat yogurt.

For adding more protein or calories, chose the bigger servings, or add extra condiments or toppings to add to the snack. Such as add nut butter or protein powder to smoothies or Greek yogurt, etc.

For healthier options chose the low salt varieties, good fats and be careful adding extra toppings or sauces.

We hope you enjoyed these 100 Calorie snack ideas and tips to work in with your diet, macros, or physique goals.


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