Youfoodz Meals – 7 Tasty Ways To Heat Them Up

  • By: Ann Williams
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Youfoodz is convenient and a popular ready-made meal. But did you know that there are several other ways to heat the meals ups, beside just the microwave?

Youfoodz Meals

In this article you we will cover ways on how to heat up Youfoodz meals and cooking tips.

How To Heat Up Youfoodz Meals

You can prepare the meals by:

  • Fry pan
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Sandwich press
  • Grill and toaster oven
  • Wok
  • Pot on the stove


“The smell of the Youfoodz Chicken Katsu Curry sizzling away in the fry pan is amazing!”

Ways to cook Youfoodz. Heating up in a frypan.

Fry pan

Just a few minutes on the stove top with a fry pan, can crisp up the meal make the meals even tastier.

The fry pan is great for heating up some of the meals like:

  • Chicken Katsu Curry
  • Youfoodz Chilli Con Carne & Mexi Rice
  • Teriyaki Chicken Fried Rice
  • Youfoodz Jerk Chicken & Rice
  • Moroccan Chicken Curry
  • Chargrilled Lemon Chicken
  • FUEL’D Chilli Con Carne & Mexi Rice
  • FUEL’D Moroccan Chicken Curry


Tip – Use a non-stick fry pan. You shouldn’t have to add any cooking oil to the pan. Have the heat a bit lower if it the food starts to stick to the pan, or use a dash of water to stop the food from sticking as well.



Prepare Youfoodz meals in the oven

Place the meal in an oven baked dish with a lid, to avoid drying the meal out.

(Take the food out of the plastic Youfoodz tray, before you put it in the oven.)

You can also use foil to wrap the meal in, if you don’t have a baking dish.

Meals with chips and some vegetables can be heated up just on a tray to crisp them up.

Some Youfoodz meals that are ideal in the oven are:

  • Loaded Lentil Lasagne
  • Cranberry Roast Pork & Veg
  • Slow Cooked Lamb With Loaded Mash
  • YF Fried Chicken & Gravy
  • Clean Tuscan Chicken & Sweet Potato Chips
  • Slow-Cooked BBQ Beef & Mash
  • FUEL’D Cranberry Roast Pork
  • FUEL’D Fried Chicken & Gravy

Cooking tip – So some meals don’t get too dry in the oven, place a tray with a little bit of water in a dish in the oven. (If you haven’t got a dish with a lid.) The cooking tray with the meal in it, is then placed into the water. The water doesn’t touch or cover the actual food.



How to heat up Youfoodz meals in the microwave.

The microwave is the quickest way to prepare the meals.

Here is how to heat up the Youfoodz meals in the microwave.

Youfoodz meals packaging, remove the sleeve for the microwave.

  1. Make sure you remove the cardboard sleeve.
    2. Peel back the corner film lid seal.
    3. Place in microwave and heat on high for 2 minutes to 2 ½ minutes or until hot.
    4. Fully remove the film lid.


Sandwich press

A sandwich press can a useful way to heat some meals up or snacks. Just use one side of the press to warm up menu items like: Choc Brownie Bite and Banana Bread.

A George Foreman Grill can be used as well.


Grill and toaster oven

Much like the oven, some meals are better heated with the grill or toaster oven.

You can use the toaster oven to warm up breakfast meals and snacks like the – Loaded Brekky Pie.



The wok can be used to prepare the meals in the same way as the fry pan.

Part of enjoying the meal is also smelling the foods aroma and hearing the sizzle of it cooking, this is where the wok is ideal.


Pot on stove top

You could use a pot on the stove to heat up the Youfoodz soup as well.

The FUEL’D Beef Ragout Fettuccine and Nonna’s Spaghetti Bolognese can also be heated up in a pot.



The eight way (I know we said seven, but it sounds better than eight ways to cook up Youfoodz) isn’t really a way to cook the meal, but just eat it fresh from the fridge.

Or you might heat up the sauces, or part of the meal and have the rest fresh.


Youfoodz Tips

Youfoodz cooking tips

Experiment around with ways to heat them up.

Use a combination of ways to heat the Youfoodz meal. You might heat up some part of the meal in the microwave, another part in the oven. As an example the chips can go in the oven, while the rest is cooked in the microwave or fry pan.

If the fresh Youfoodz meal is starting to approach its use by date and you may not eat it for a while, you can freeze the meal.

For extra taste, try adding fresh chili (or chili flakes), garlic, pepper, lemon juice, wholegrain mustard, low fat or low calorie dressings, different spices, herbs, etc.

Be careful adding extra calories by using high calorie sauces on a diet, or you are watching your waistline.

Use a non-stick fry pan and no oil for less added calories.

Remember to remove the cardboard sleeve if using the microwave.

Even though Youfoodz meals are very convenient, still plan and prepare your meals and snacks for the week, especially if you are on a weight loss diet. Meal prepping makes it easier, for tips and more information visit – How to Meal Prep for Beginners


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Where to buy Youfoodz?

Youfoodz can be purchased at the following stockists:

  • Ampol
  • Coles – For more information on the meals, visit – Coles Youfoodz
  • 7 Eleven
  • IGA
  • Foodworks
  • Drakes
  • Aldi
  • Woolworths
  • Foodary


Does Youfoodz have discount codes?

Yes, look out for Youfoodz discount codes and coupons for great savings and deals. The Coles Youfoodz range has specials on now and then, where you can buy two meals for a discount.


Does Youfoodz have gift cards?

Yes, you can buy gift cards.


Are Youfoodz meals frozen?

No, they are freshly made, prepared and delivered fresh.


What does clean mean on Youfoodz?

Youfoodz website defines clean as less than 350 calories per meal.


Are Youfoodz containers safe for microwave?

Youfoodz meals in the microwave.
Yes, the containers are safe.


Can I lose weight on Youfoodz?

Yes, but like all food, it has energy. (Calories.) If you eat too many calories for the energy you burn, you will gain weight. If you eat less than your body energy needs, you will lose weight.

The energy balance, or calories in and calories out can be worked out by using calorie controlled portions.

For a list of the Youfoodz calories and macros, click on – Youfoodz Menu Calorie List 


Can I eat Youfoodz cold?

Yes, you can eat it cold from the fridge, but most meals are tastier heated up.


Are Youfoodz containers recyclable?

Yes, the sleeve and plastic containers are recyclable.


Is Youfoodz fresh?

Yes it is freshly prepared.



Ways of cooking Youfoodz meals

Youfoodz can be prepared and cooked in more ways than just the microwave. For some meals, the fry pan or oven are great alternatives and make them crispier.

A combination of heating up the meals can also make it yummier, like microwave and oven.