Where To Buy The Man Shake?

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The Man Shake has really taken off in Australia and has helped thousands of men lose weight and get rid of the dreaded beer gut.

Where to buy The Man Shake?

The Man Shake is a formulated weight loss meal replacement, where you don’t have to count calories. Just have two shakes a day, a couple of snacks and your main meal.

But one question that gets asked a lot is, “Where to buy The Man Shake?” In this article we list the stockiest of the Man Shake.

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Who Sells The Man Shake?

The Man Shake website

The first place on our list is The Man Shake website. It has free shipping over $70. You can see on the website the complete options for sale. You can also buy the Man Bar, Man Shake shaker and the Man Shake Vegan and Maintenance pack.

Some of the packs for sale are the: The Fast Weight Loss Pack, Get Started Pack, The Immunity Booster Pack, The Man Shake Variety 20 Pack, Chocolate Super Greens, Kids Breakfast Bundle and Man Bar Boxes.

They also have plenty of deals where you can buy 3 and get 1 free.

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As well as one of the largest supermarkets in Australia, Woolworths also has a large range of protein powders, protein bars and some meal replacements kits. They are stockiest of The Man Shake and The Lady Shake.

Woolworths has the Man Shake box variety pack, with 14 sachet meal replacement. Which has: Chocolate x 2, Vanilla x 2, Coffee x 2, Strawberry x 2, Caramel x 2, Choc Mint x 2, Banana x 2.

(For more information on protein bars and low carb bars, visit – Woolworths Protein Bars.)



IGA has the Man Shake 840g bags. (15 shakes per bag.) They have The Man Shake packs in a variety of flavours like: Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry, Caramel, Choc Mint, Banana and Cookies and Cream.

The Man Fuel, Man Shake shakers as well as The Man Bar are in stock. IGA also has The Lady Shake for sale in selected flavours.



Man Shake smeal replacement shakes

Coles supermarket also stocks, The Man Shake Variety Pack Box with 14 sachets containing: Chocolate x 2, Strawberry x 2, Vanilla x 2, Caramel x 2, Banana x 2, Choc Mint x 2, Coffee x 2.

The Man Shake bags aren’t available on the shelves. Coles sells The Lady Shake Variety Pack box with 14 Sachets across Australian stores.


Your Discount Chemist

Another stockiest in Australia is, Your Discount Chemist. For more information visit – yourdiscountchemist.com.au


Go Vita

With stores all over Australia, Go Vita stocks weight loss supplements and The Man Shake.


Terry White Chemmart

At selected stores, Terry White chemists have the Man Shake bags in assorted flavours like: Chocolate, Banana, Caramel, Coffee, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream Choc Mint and Vanilla.


The Lady Shake website

It is no surprise you can also get The Man Shake from The Lady Shake website.  To find the latest price on both the Lady Shake and The Man Shake, visit The Lady Shake website.


There are a few places on eBay that sell the Man Shake. Unfortunately their ads are a bit misleading. You see pictures of the Man Shake bags selling for $18.99, you then click on the eBay ad and the bags are $56 or so each. The $18.99 option is the Man Shake shaker only.


Blooms The Chemist

840 gram bags in assorted flavours are available from Blooms The Chemist. They also have the Man Shake shaker bottle.


Your Grocer

Visit their website at yourgrocer.com.au, or phone 1300 851 343.


Chemist Discount Centre

The Chemist Discount Centre has the lady Shake and Man Shake for sale.


Annandale Thrive Pharmacy

Thrive Pharmacy can be contacted on at (07) 4775 6634 for more information on the Man Shake.


Giant Chemist

For more on formation on weight loss products and meal replacements, as well as the Man Shake visit Giant Chemist. They also sell the Man Bar.


My Deal

My Deal, is an Australian online retail marketplace that has deals on quality products and supplies the Man Shake.




Amazon in Australia also offers the Man Shake for sale. This vendor is the official Man Shake Company.


Dick Smith

The once beloved physical electronics store has the shake for sale via online. They don’t have any stock, they just connect the sales to a vendor. So delivery can be slow.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is the best weigh loss shake?

Eleven weight loss shake brands were reviewed by Canstar Blue to see which one was the best weight loss shake.

The review was based on the criteria of: satisfaction, value for money, flavour variety, taste, hunger satisfaction and effectiveness.

The brands tested were: Musashi, Aussie Bodies, ALDI Slim & Trim, The Man Shake, The Lady Shake, Rapid Loss, Optifast, FatBlaster, Atkins, SlimRight and Optislim shakes.

The Man Shake came out on top as the best weight loss shake.

What is The Man Bar?

The Man Bar protein bar

A snack that is also high in protein that can work in with The Man Shake weight loss system.

For more information on flavours and nutritional data, click on – The Man Bar.


What stockist didn’t have the Man Shake?

Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Elite Supps, Verve fitness, Muscle Nation, Mr Supplements, My Muscle Chef, EHP Labs, Mr Vitamins, Pharmacy 4 Less, had protein powders, meal replacements, creatine, fat burners, etc., buy unfortunately don’t stock The Man Shake.

Nutrition warehouse come up for an ad for the Man Shake, but when I tried searching for The Man Shake on their website, I couldn’t find it. Perhaps it was only an advertisement, or maybe selected stores only. Anyway they do have a wide range of sports supplements, protein powders and weight loss shakes and meal replacements. So possibly not a stockist.

For information on high protein bars and low carb bars, visit – Nutrition Warehouse Protein Bars.


How to use the Man Shake?

Inside your bag of The Man Shake is a scoop.

Add two level scoops of The Man Shake powder to a shaker that has 350-600ml of water in it.

For information on the shaker, visit – How To Use The Man Shake Shaker?

You replace two meals a day with the Man Shake.

You have a few snacks in between, ideally healthy options.

Your dinner is recommended lean protein and salad, or vegetables, etc.

While you don’t have to exercise, for best results and feeling fitter it is recommended some type of exercise or activity.

What other brands are similar to The Man Shake?

The Fat Blaster For Men, OptiMan (by OptiSlim), Bulk Nutrients Total Meal Replacement and Healthy Man, might be comparable.


About The Man Shake

A meal replacement shake designed specifically for men to lose the beer gut.

The Man Shake is an easy to prepare protein shake, designed to assist men in losing weight.



The Man Shake