How To Use The Man Shake Shaker?

  • By: Tony Miller
  • Time to read: 6 min.

In this article we will cover several ways on how to use The Man Shake shaker.

How To Use The Man Shake Shaker

We also include:

1. How to use the shaker
2. Carrying and using The Man Shake variety sachets for travelling
3. Carrying and using The Man Shake bag scoops of powder for travelling
4. Man Shake Tips
5. Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of ideas and tips for using the shaker and different ways to carry the meal replacement powder or sachets are also covered.

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How to use the shaker

Add spring to Man Shake shaker

1. Place the spring in shaker.


The Man Shake with water

2. Add 350ml of water to the shaker. (The shaker has mls and Oz marked on the side of it.)


Add The Man Shake powder

3. Add the powder into the shaker and screw the lid on tight.


Shake The Man Shaker

4. Shake vigorously until the powder is mixed well.

5. Enjoy it.

6. Wash the shaker and spring clean, ready for your next shake.

Man Shake Tip
– It does say use 350 ml of water, but it can make it a bit thick, so add more water.

Man Shake Tip – Colder water improves the taste for some. Or add some ice.


Carrying and using The Man Shake variety sachets for travelling

This is ideal for travelling, or using The Man Shake at work. This is for use with the The Man Shake variety pack box sachets. (14 x 56g sachets) Like the variety box you buy at Coles and Woolworths.

1. Place the spring in shaker.

Add Man Shae sachets for storage

2. Add 2 x sachets (leave sealed) into the shaker and put the lid on. It is now ready for travel.
3. When ready to use, take the sachets out. Add 350ml of water to the shaker.
4. Open one individual sachet and pour into the shaker.
5. Shake well.
6. Enjoy it.
7. Wash the shaker and spring clean, ready for your next meal.

Man Shake Tip – For travelling, you can just add the water in the shaker container first. Or carry a separate bottle of water.

Water Bottle and The Man Shake and The Man Bar

Man Shake Tip – Half freeze a bottle of water. So when you are travelling, the water is icy cold. Or use an esky with ice to keep the water bottle colder.

Man Shake Tip – Carry some extra water to rinse it out and clean it.

Man Shake Tip – If you don’t mind the taste, drink the water you use to clean it with, that way you are not wasting any of it and the extra water will fill you up more. (Obviously without detergent in it.) 


Carrying and using The Man Shake bag scoops of powder for travelling

This is for having two shakes a day. This way is good for if you have to go to work, or out and about. You place your powder servings scoop in the bottom compartment.

(Some Man Shake shakers have two separate storage containers on it.)

1. Place the spring in shaker.
2. Unscrew the black container on the bottom of the shaker.

The Man Shake shaker container for powder.
3. Add 2 scoops of powder from the Man Shake bag into the black container.
4. Screw the black container, back on the bottom.
5. Add 2 scoops of powder from the Man Shake bag into the shaker.
6. When ready to use, add 350ml of water to the shaker.
7. Shake well.
8. Rinse and clean ready for the next meal shake.
9. Use the bottom container powder for the next meal.


The Man Shake meal prep

Man Shake Tip – Rather than placing the second serving of powder into the shaker, place it in a snap lock bag or another container. Place this in the shaker, so when you have to fill it up with water, you can take the powder out and add the water first.


The Man Shake Tips

The Man Shake and Ninja blender
Use a blender like a Nutribullet or Ninja blender for a smoother consistency.

For travelling you can use a battery powered mixer or portable USB blender.


The Man Shake shaker with snacks

Use your empty shaker container to hold your snacks in it. Like an apple or protein bar like The Man Bar in it.

For more information on the Man Bar flavours and nutrition, click on – The Man Bar

Wash the shaker and spring straight away for your next meal. As it is easier to clean immediately, rather than leaving it sit there.

A soft esky or cooler bag is handy for travelling and you can put your snacks like apples, bananas and The Man Bar in it. (Don’t load up the bag for a weeks’ worth of meals. Otherwise you might be tempted to have more then you should in a day.)

Ideally mix up The Man Shake flavours from one meal to the next. Otherwise you can get bored of the one flavour.

For some weight loss tips to work in with The Man Shake, visit – Best Weight Loss Tips And Tricks


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do you get a shaker with The Man Shake?

Not all buying options have the shaker included. You can buy it in a kit, or separately.

You can purchase it separately from The Man Shake website. Or alternatively IGA and some chemists has the Man Shake shaker available.

The Get Started Pack has the shaker with it, variety pack with 20 sachets and a box of Man Bars.

The variety box 14 sachet pack from Woolworths and Coles supermarket doesn’t contain the shaker.

The separate large 840g bags by themselves don’t contain the shaker.


What is the spring for in the man shake shaker?

The Man Shake shaker container
The spring helps stir the powder and mixes it better in the shaker.


Where can I buy The Man Shake?

The Man Shake and The Lady Shake can be purchased at:

  • The Man Shake website
  • Coles
  • The Lady Shake website
  • Woolworths
  • IGA
  • Selected chemists

For a detailed list of more stockists, visit – Where To Buy The Man Shake


How does The Man Shake shaker work?

You mix up the powder in water (or milk) and shake it. The spring helps mix the powder and water together.


Can I have a Man Bar and Man Shake together?

Yes you can have them together.

For some people spacing out a meal (The Man Shake) and a snack (The Man Bar) helps them not feel hungry between meals.

Overall though it is the total calories consumed during the day, that is more important for losing weight, than when you have those calories.


What is on the bottom of The Man Shake shaker?

This is the container where you can store the Man Shake powder.


How many calories are in a chocolate Man Shake?

There are 211 calories (883 kilojoules) in the Chocolate flavour Man Shake.


What do you mix The Man Shake with?

The powder is formulated to work with water. However, you can mix it with milk, but the calories from the added milk will be higher.


How long should I shake my Man Shake in the shaker for?

I have tried 30 seconds and it wasn’t long enough. So around a minute or more for best results.


What is the Man Shake scoop size?

There is a serving size of 56 grams of powder in The Man Shake. You use two scoops, so the scoop is around 28 grams a scoop.

The variety packs at Coles and Woolworths don’t have a scoop in them. As they are a set measured sachet size.


Can I use a normal blender to mix the Man Shake?

Yes, an electric blender is quicker and gives a smoother consistency shake.



The Man Shake sachets and shaker

You can use The Man Shake shaker a few ways. One as a storage compartment to carry The Man Shake individual sachets, or to carry the powder formula from the big bags.

You can also put snacks, like a Man Bar or apple in the shaker.

The shaker is ideal for travelling, or away from the fridge as you can have The Man Shake anytime or anyplace.



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